Tommy Truck

I bet you never heard of Tommy Truck ! !

Well . . . . . you will.

Tommy has kicked around the recording industry for years and has always been “behind the scenes”. It could have been him playing guitar or bass for one of your favorite session. It could have been an arrangement written for an orchestra. It could have been singing harmony or back-up for an artist. Mostly it would have been for writing songs/material as a “ghost” (o o o o o o o o o h h h h h); the recording artist paying Tommy and taking credit.


Tommy made a good living over the years, but has decided to enter the ring as “the contender”.

We felt it was time for the general public to be aware of Tommy Truck and not just the recording industry. So . . . . . we talked him into doing this album of his material for us and it is called . . . . “TOMMY TRUCK”.

The Music

Tommy likes to perform what he calls “Rock’em Sock’em” music; music with a hard driving beat that can be danced to. Most tempos (speeds) are not above 120 beats per minute which allows a good dance rhythm.


Tommy likes to write about the working people of this world whether it is a trucker (18 Wheel Jockey), musician (Time Keeps Moving On), farmer (Sweet Country Rain), plant worker (Bossman) or a moonshiner (Old Grandpas Brew). Tommy has (also) had some minor “problems” with the law which brought about “That’s How It Goes”. He even wrote a “Country Wedding Song” called My Whole World for a couple as a wedding present.


Pretty much all the instruments on all the tracks are played by Tommy. Some of the guitar leads are played by Steve Starkey (Steve is our next project). The steel guitar (Hawaiian Guitar for some of you) is played by Duane Becker. Duane has been around a while (as well) and even played on the Grand Ole Opry when he was young. The drums are played by Mike “Sug” Tschirgi (no one can pronounce his last name and so he is called Sug). Mike is known in the trade as a “time clock” because he never varies the speed and keeps a steady beat.

The Big Picture

All in all, the CD known as TOMMY TRUCK has a little bit of something for everybody. It shows how versatile Tommy is when it comes to writing and performing music.